Exterior cleaning and powerwashing services Finland

Wash&Blast Services Finland

Pesupuhallus pespu.fi® provides high pressure cleaning- and soft wash cleaning services in Finland

Roof cleaning with high pressure and low pressure methods.

  • Mobile Fleet Washing
  • Heavy Equipment Degreasing
  • Underground Parking Garage Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Commercial & Industrial Cleaning
  • High acess cleaning
  • Residential / Commercial Brick Cleaning & Restoration
  • Flushing & Sweeping Service
  • Disinfecting / Hazmat Clean-up
  • Sandblasting & Painting preparation
  • Roof cleaning and sealing

For more information, call +358449870142 or send us e-mail: pesupuhallus@pespu.fi

At off-season we offer dry vacuum truck services in Finland

-Insulation removal
-Commercial vacuum cleaning services
-Vacuum conveying of dry goods
-Dry suction excavation

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